Event Management Form

Event Management Form

(Prior to submitting this form funding should be determined and a budget should be created and approved)

One key to a successful event is good palnning. This Pre-event planning form provides a series of questions to conider prior to engaging in an activity. Remember your supervisor should be part of the planning process for any event hosted by your unit. Also, please keep in mind that all activities should be consistent with the university policies, and procedures as well as the mission/purpose of our division.

Contact Information
First Name required
Last Name required
Phone required
Department required
Contact Manager/Director required
Event Information
Date Submitted for Review (Events should be planned six months in advance)
Open the calendar popup.
Date of Event (Make sure that you have consulted the university's calendar to determine if the date is available and is an approprate time for hosting this type of event)
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Type of Event

Event Description/Purpose required
Event Location required
Backup Location (if needed)
Estimated Attendance (check all that apply and include number of attendance in each category)

Start Time 
End Time 
Estimated Budget (please attach a Budget)   required
Estimated Contribution amount per ticket
Additional Information
How is this event funded?

If your answer is 'both' to the question above, please explain
Is this event intended to create proceeds/income?

How will the proceeds be used?
Will food be served?

Are you traveling?

If you are traveling, what type of transportation are you using?
Is the event on campus?

Is your activity a dance/party

Is there alcohol involved with your activity?

Is there a contract associated with event?

Has the contract been reviewed?

Who reviewed the contract and when?
Have you received appropriate insurance verification for all parties/organizations involved in the event?

Have you reviewed your budget and purchasing guidelines with Business Manager as it relates to this event/activity?

Have you requested data from Advancement Services?

Are you using an outside vendor for associated mailing?

How do you plan to market your event?